Airbnb creates problems everywhere.

Far from being a harmless service where residents can share their homes with tourists, Airbnb enables COMMERCIAL OPERATORS to break the law, removing AFFORDABLE housing options from LONG-TERM residents, AND UNDERMINING ENTIRE COMMUNITIES.


Airbnb exacerbates housing crises in densely populated cities all over the world, contributes to rising rents, and poses serious public safety concerns for guests, hosts and neighbors. On top of it all, the platform enables racism to flourish online and in our communities.


Airbnb claims to BE ALL ABOUT “COMMUNITY”, and TO help middle class folk “make ends meet”.  but Nothing could be further from the truth.  In city after city, Airbnb continues to fight and ignore regulations to protect affordable housing, all the while shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars for celebrities to stay at upscale rentals and taking advantage of international, corporate loopholes to avoid paying taxes.


Airbnb is only interested in one thing, itself.

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NY is not for Sale

Governing Magazine

…But in New York as in other cities and counties, this new revenue comes with a hitch: Home-sharing services take apartments off the long-term rental market and are a factor in driving up rents to unaffordable levels. Airbnb alone has 1.5 million listings in 34,000 cities…

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